Text: Armin Hartenstein
Anne Wissmann's bozetti-like small sculptures are creations that astonish. Actually, it is representations of animals. Their body parts are
mirrored, duplicated or omitted.
The "dog" from the year 2004 has received a completely new sense organ in the form of a funnel-like head-ending. The proportions of horse and
rider are, in part, greatly changed as a consequence of this change in a perspective of meaning or sensation.
The style of sculptural sculpture is sketchily raw and strongly developed. Through the process of concrete molding, the latter does not
experience any moderation, but rather emphasizes the fragmented, seemingly unfinished existence of these figures. Different colors,
surfaces and visible segmentation of the large sitting "dog" once again increase the brittleness and simultaneously give the object the aura of
timeless durability. The sculpture radiates an entirely unnatural, art-active, magical essence. Size and reality make them difficult to
enter into the space, indeed into the way, as if they were representative of another order and guardian (similar to some temple
figures and medieval fabulous beings).